The revolution, and natural evolution of gaming, is re-distributing the power and incentives from big corporations, back into the hands of the individuals that have built the industry into what it is today. Creating a safe, fun and inclusive environment for all gamers, developers, merchants, content creators and innovators.

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G-Bucks Wallet and Coin

The native currency on the GeeGee platform is a Swiss CHF-backed stable coin – G-Bucks. Where CHF1 (Swiss Franc) is equal to 100 G-Bucks. To ensure our platform subscribers are protected from market volatility, and preserve their value at all times, we have decided to utilise a stablecoin.

The G-Bucks CHF-pegged stable coin allows for players to use an integrated wallet for instant transactions using blockchain, with instant fiat-to-G-Bucks conversions and top-ups. This opens the door to the world of borderless payments with a currency that can be used both within the platform as wagers, payments, donations, or rewards, as well as outside of the platform for retail purchases, allowing for wide-scale adoption as an accepted Universal Gaming Currency that is not subject to the standard cryptocurrency market volatility.

The G-Bucks Coin


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